Top 15 Contemporary Reads of 2014

This year I have been very lucky to have had the time and the opportunity to read and review over 150 books across a range of genres. I have read some amazing, inspiring, thrilling, chilling, thought provoking and some just plain enjoyable and entertaining books. Books transport me, books mesmerise and compel me to read, to think, to put myself in someone else’s shoes. Take a magical mystical journey with any one of these awesome books – each have something different to offer, none will disappoint.  (Covers may vary with the region the book is published in.)







15 thoughts on “Top 15 Contemporary Reads of 2014

  1. Hmm interesting choices Carol, don’t agree with Leaving Time, but that’s why reading is subjective, if we all felt the same way, life would be boring!

  2. Sounds like you did a lot of reading this year – am glad you found the time and space for this. (In my case it was displacement therapy, reading whilst I should have been doing other things, but hopefully that was not the case for you.)

  3. You’ve read a LOT of contemporary fiction this year! It always amazes me that I read nearly as much as you – probably 130 or so this year. You always seem to race through books so much more quickly than I do. Looking forward to your crime picks… 😀

    • Read about 150 book thus far…have plans for another few before the end of the year – I have some great crime reads waiting. I am surprised by the great contemporary books I have read – some amazing reads here too and they are great read in between a gritty crime novel.

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