Post Script: Alone – Lisa Gardner

Masterfully plotted and executed.



Lisa Gardner


Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780755396337



As he watches a potentially fatal hostage situation unfold through the scope of his sniper rifle, Massachusetts State Trooper Bobby Dodge knows that he may be all that stands between life and death. But from the moment Bobby pulls the trigger – killing an armed man holding his own wife and child hostage – it may be his own life that is lost.


Detective D.D Warren’s investigation into the shooting leads her to the impossibly beautiful young widow, Catherine Rose Gagnon, and the darkness of her past. Even as the truth behind the façade of this wealthy Boston family’s life is revealed, the body count rises. And with a sadistic, vengeful killer newly released from prison, everyone must be on their guard. For he strikes the solitary wanderer -and no one can stay protected forever.


My View:

Absolutely brilliant! Loved every page of this fast paced action packed mystery/thriller.

I first discovered Lisa Gardner’s works when I read Fear Nothing (Detective D.D. Warren, #7) last year and after I finished this amazing thriller I decided if I ever got the chance I would like to read all the books written by this author. So here I am at number 1 in this series and what a remarkable read this is. First published in 2005 this narrative has lost none of its appeal; it is exquisitely plotted with many twists and turns, in fact it had me totally confused trying to work out who was telling the truth, who was manipulating who. It is fast paced, action packed, dark and brings to our attention many uncomfortable social taboos. It kept me reading long into the night until emotionally exhausted I turned the last page.



Complex plotting, many twist and turns and the protagonists, especially Trooper Bobby Dodge are engaging and multifaceted. We are introduced to Detective D.D Warren but it is Trooper Dodge that steals the show. I look forward to reading the rest of this series and catching up with D.D and hopefully Bobby Dodge in the near future. Masterfully written, beautifully executed, suspenseful, thrilling – this author is exciting and a must read for all fans of crime fiction.








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