Post Script: The Three Sisters, A Whispers Short Story – Lisa Unger

The Final Chapter.

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

A Whispers Story

Lisa Unger

Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books

Pocket Star

ISBN: 9781476797809



The final e-short in a thrilling mini-series about a psychic medium, from award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger.


When Eloise’s granddaughter, twenty-year-old Finley, comes to live with her, Eloise’s abilities start to change—things seem to be getting easier. Her load is lighter, and rather than chasing down people she needs, they are coming to her. She teams up with detective Jones Cooper to help a desperate father bring his daughter’s killer to justice. Meanwhile, Finley, who is developing gifts of her own, has bigger problems than she’s willing to admit. Will Eloise help Finley and others see the difference between justice and revenge, or will things spiral out of control first?


Returning to the psychological suspense that earned Lisa Unger such critical acclaim for Beautiful Lies and In the Blood, The Three Sisters is the third and final part in a gripping series from “an accomplished pro” (Kirkus Reviews).



My View:

I have mixed feelings about this instalment in the Whispers Short Story series. I really like the charters of Eloise and her granddaughter Finley – I feel they have much to offer and that they deserve a book that focuses on them, their abilities and the mysteries they help solve and the impact their abilities have on their personal lives; a full size book – hint hint.


The thread or plot line that involved the mystery of the “dead girl” was intriguing, the sub story of The Three Sisters was under developed and left more questions than it answered, in fact after I turned over the final page I went back to see what I had missed, was there another chapter? I was disappointed. So many unanswered questions, so much left unsaid.








6 thoughts on “Post Script: The Three Sisters, A Whispers Short Story – Lisa Unger

  1. These books being issued in installments really don’t appeal to me, but I’m sorry this last one was a bit of a disappointment for you. Maybe she’ll take your hint and write a ‘proper’ book…

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