Post Script- Still Alice -Lisa Genova


Powerful and intense.

Still Alice

Still Alice

Lisa Genova

Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0 9781471149061



A moving and insightful story of a woman with early onset Alzheimer’s disease, now a major film starring Academy Award nominee Julianne Moore and Kristen Stewart.

Alice Howland is proud of the life she worked so hard to build. At fifty, she’s a cognitive psychology professor at Harvard and a renowned expert in linguistics, with a successful husband and three grown children. When she begins to grow forgetful and disoriented, she dismisses it for as long as she can until a tragic diagnosis changes her life – and her relationship with her family and the world around her – for ever.

Unable to care for herself, Alice struggles to find meaning and purpose as her concept of self gradually slips away. But Alice is a remarkable woman, and her family learn more about her and each other in their quest to hold on to the Alice they know. Her memory hanging by a frayed thread, she is living in the moment, living for each day. But she is still Alice

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My View:

This book is very difficult to review – not because of any of the literary elements you usually base your judgment or review on but because of how this book connects with you in such an intense and emotional level that merely thinking about the book again is enough to make you relive the feelings you had reading this book; and mostly those feeling are of sadness, of loss, of grief, of fear, tempered by a moving demonstration of love – a glorious example of how the love that exists between this mother and her children can make the unbearable a little more bearable. For this is a book about love and loss and relationships and Alzheimers – a disease that now needs no introduction, thanks to the way the literary world has embraced this subject matter and made the unthinkable a subject for open discussion and Still Alice has played an important part of that movement.


This book – is moving, written intelligently and written respectfully. The narrative is engaging, the characters are realistic and empathetic, and the settings are credible but it is the brilliant portrayal of emotions and experiences – fear, confusion, disorientation…that sense of loss as the disease progresses that is so powerful here. This book is a must read.


4 thoughts on “Post Script- Still Alice -Lisa Genova

  1. I learned as much as I wanted to about this disease in the last couple of years of my mother’s life, and we were one of the “lucky” families in that she didn’t live long enough for it to progress to the really bad stages. It’s great that more people are being made aware of how it affects people, especially since an ageing population means more and more people are likely to get it at some stage, but I just find it too difficult to read about. They keep holding out hope for better treatments but so far nothing seems to be really effective… and early onset seems particularly cruel.

  2. It certainly does sound like a powerful book, Carol. And I agree with FictionFan that people talk about hope for treatments; I’ve not seen anything convincing, but we hope. In the meantime, I have heard good things about this book. It sounds awfully intense, but still, I may at some point try it.

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