Have You HEARD The News?

Thanks to the prompting of several people I have “e meet”, FictionFan and Janine K in particular, I have embarked on a trial of reviewing audio books thanks to the generous people at Bolinda.

. E reader and audio book reviewing  Bolinda Australia

Here is my new set up – ereader and headphones and I am up to chapter 13 of my first audio book –  The Cellar by Minette Walters narrated by Sara Powell.  Stay tuned for my review.

The Cellar: Minette Walters, Bolinda


10 thoughts on “Have You HEARD The News?

  1. Ooh, I hope you enjoy it! I used to find them great for when I was doing long drives. Now I don’t listen to them quite as much, but I listen to them sometimes when I’m doing tedious housework either through a speaker or wireless headphones, and they’re great for late-night pre-sleep listening. And brilliant if ever I’ve got a cold or something and don’t have the energy to actually read.

    Look forward to hearing what you think! 🙂

    • I listened to the first half of the book in bed and unlike for a book I didn’t have to have the light on – so husband was not disturbed 🙂 and the rest of The Cellar on our drive to visit my mum yesterday ( about 2 1/2 hours away) It was perfect for the trip! It does take a little getting used to but it was very relaxing. The Grace Keepers is next – and the author narrates – and she has a Scottish accent 🙂

      • Yes, I find bed and driving are best because there’s no distractions. If I try to just sit and listen in the evenings I find I’m constantly missing bits ‘cos I’m fiddling about with the laptop or something. No power of concentration.

      • You do need to concentrate – something I learned almost immediately. Have you seen “Poirot’s finest cases”: Eight full-cast BBC radio dramatisations
        Written by:
        Agatha Christie
        Published by:
        BBC/Bolinda Audio

        This looks good and I like having an excerpt to try out.
        November 01 2014
        Read by:
        Various narrators
        Number of CDs / Tapes:
        15 hours 36 minutes

      • Oh, I must look out for that – BBC dramatisations are often great. Joan Hickson read a couple of the Miss Marple books, too and they’re brilliant, as are David Suchet’s readings of Poirot, and Derek Jacobi’s Sherlock Holmes readings.

        I’m currently listening to Amok, which is another half-narration/half-dramatisation – I don’t know if you remember me raving about The Child which was done in the same way. I reckon now that audiobooks are becoming more and more popular the production values are improving beyond all recognition. A good time to get on board… 😀

      • I like the sound of these BBC ones. I too think that audio books are growing in popularity… I found my first experience to be quite relaxing. I am hoping the next book is enjoyable…like everything it is all about personal preferences. I just read the book The Mountain Story – I saw a couple of trailers and loved the narrators voice in the trailers – I heard his voice as I read – this would make a good audio book.

  2. So pleased that you have taken my advice Carol! Sometimes yo can get a narrator that you just don’t click with, and then you will get one that you really like and start looking them up rather than an author, and listen to all their work. I agree with fiction fan that the car is the best place, I have a 30 min each way commute to work and that’s when I listen to my audio books. It gives me the opportunity to read two books at once. Just don’t read and listen to them same genre otherwise it can get confusing! Great that you have taken the leap to audio Carol!

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