Out Of The Helmet…

Drawn today the winner of my Friday Freebie giveaway The Sunnyvale Girls by Fiona Palmer. Thank you to all those who visited my blog for this occasion. I am sure the winner will enjoy this wonderful warm and engaging piece of rural fiction.

Out of the Helmet


Fans of Fiona’s work will be pleased to hear that Fiona’s new book The Saddler Boys will be published in September. Here is a sneak peek of the cover art and book description.  The book is available pre order here or here.

Cover Art The Saddler Boys

The Saddler Boys

Fiona Palmer

Michael Joseph

Penguin Australia

ISBN: 9780143799795


School teacher Natalie has always been a city girl. She has a handsome boyfriend and a family who give her only the best. But she craves her own space, and her own classroom, before settling down into the life she is expected to lead.

When Nat takes up a posting at a tiny school in remote Western Australia, it proves quite the culture shock, but she is soon welcomed by the swarm of inquisitive locals, particularly young student Billy and his intriguing single father, Drew.

As Nat’s school comes under threat of closure, and Billy’s estranged mother turns up out of the blue, Nat finds herself fighting for the township and battling with her heart. Torn between her life in Perth and the new community that needs her, Nat must risk losing it all to find out what she’s really made of – and where she truly belongs.


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