Post Script: Day Shift – Charlaine Harris

Cover Day Shift Charlaine harris

Day Shift

Charlaine Harris

Hachette Australia


ISBN: 9780575092891



It’s a quiet little town, perched at the junction between Davy Road and Witch Light Road, and it’s easy to miss. With its boarded-up windows, single traffic light and sleepy air, there’s nothing special about Midnight . . . which is exactly how the residents like it.

So when the news comes that a new owner plans to renovate the run-down, abandoned old hotel in town, it’s not met with pleasure. Who would want to come to Midnight, with its handful of shops, the Home Cookin diner, and quiet residents – and why?

But there are bigger problems in the air. When Manfred Bernado, the newest resident in town, is swept up in a deadly investigation suddenly the hotel and its residents are the least of the towns concern. The police, lawyers and journalists are all headed to Midnight, and it’s the worst possible moment . . .


My View:

I did enjoy reading the Sookie Stackhouse series and so looked forward to this new offering from Charlaine Harris. I haven’t read the first in this series, Midnight Crossroads, so perhaps I missed integral character development and plot lines, something was missing from the current book. Actually I think I will re word that – there was too much happening in the current book; busy, complicated, lots of unfinished business, many story arcs…I don’t know …as I was reading I just kept thinking there is too much going on here and I can’t keep up. Maybe I needed the read Midnight Crossroads before I tackled this.

Despite my misgivings I did enjoy elements of this novel. I liked the “feel good” dimension of this narrative; the quirky characters who live in Midnight who for the most, seem benign, pleasant and considerate and helpful to others. I liked the psychic element and the good hearted angels. I liked the fleeting references to the Sookie Stackhouse novels. But unfortunately I didn’t really fall under the spell of this particular book.


5 thoughts on “Post Script: Day Shift – Charlaine Harris

  1. Carol – I know just what you mean about too much going on. I’ve read books like that, too. Still, it sounds like an interesting premise. I’ll probably wait on this one, to be candid; still , I’m glad you thought parts of it were good.

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