Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Amy Andews


Amy Andrews


For a start, you may not even know who I am so let’s get the intro’s over and done with shall we? I’m Amy Andrews and I’m a Brisbane based author who writes contemporary romance fiction for a variety of publishers across both traditional and digital platforms. I’ve been published for ten years this year and have written 50+ books. I have ten coming out this year alone – yes, this is unusual and completely bonkers. I may need medicating!

And now some other things about me – some interesting, some completely useless….


  • I’ve been a nurse for 27 years, 21 of them in PICU ( Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) and have loved every single one of them.
  • A couple of years back I did an estimate count on how many words I’d written. I did a quick calculation of 32 books x avg 50 000 words/book and came up with 1.6 million words!! Of course it was more than that because some of my books had been longer etc and now it would definitely be in the 2 million zone! People ask me what I do at home all day? I’m busy writing my way to 3 million words folks!
  • I love country music.  Well I like a lot of different music actually but, as a romance writer, I have a real affinity for country music because I feel like we’re both lumped into the same category – trash. Yes, like romance, country music has the dubious distinction of belonging to a rarefied sub-section of artistic culture – the one where NO-ONE admits to listening to it but EVERYBODY has an opinion about how bad it is. “Oh yes, that Achy Breaky Heart is awful “- ergo ALL country music is awful.  “I read one of my grandmother’s Mills and Boon once back in 1962 and it was laughable” – ergo ALL romance is laughable.  When really what is awful and laughable is that so many people are willing to dismiss and judge on the basis of so little personal data.  I have to say that no genre of music makes me laugh or cry as much as country.
  • I don’t like the word moist. Ugh! It’s kind of the thing you expect to find in clefts (another ick word) don’t you think? It conjures up dark and dank and things like yeast infections. But maybe that’s just the nurse in me….
  • Serendipity is my favourite word. I also like ravage, clandestine and honky tonk.
  • In 50 romance novels I’ve only written 2 virgins thus hopefully dispelling the myth that all romance heroines are ingénues.
  • I once had hate mail from a reader who called me a sexiest pig (I’m pretty sure she meant sexist) 6 times because I dared to make one of those virgins too old! The heroine was 24 but didn’t I know that women were sexual creatures too and how dare I make her wait so long!
  • I hit the USA Today Bestseller list last year – #137 – finally after 10 years!! No More Mr Nice Guy is a story about a woman who wrote a ten point sex list. It is not, in any way, based on any aspect of my life no matter what my friends may tell you!



Website – www.amyandrews.com.au

Twitter – https://twitter.com/AmyAndrewsbooks

FB – https://www.facebook.com/AmyAndrewsAuthor

Newsletter sign up – http://www.amyandrews.com.au/newsletter.html


11 thoughts on “Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Amy Andews

  1. Hi Margot. Thanks so much and nice to “meet” you 🙂 Snap on serendipity. It’s just one of those words that actually sounds like what it is, don’t you think?

  2. So glad to have found a soul sister who loves country music! It always makes me cry and think and the stories behind the songs are fantastic. Such great inspiration for writing. And gorgeous blokes. And your Mighty Wang post made my snort with laughter…

    • I would never have picked that, Victoria – never. I think it also has some of the greatest one liners! eg. “Girl, you aint worth the whiskey” What a marvellous smack down!

      Pleased you liked my Mighty Wang 😉

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