Ten Things You Didnt’ Know About Honey Brown

Today I welcome accomplished author Honey Brown to my blog. Thanks for sharing with us and good luck on the launch of your new book Six Degrees.  Over to you Honey:)

Cover Art - Six Degrees


Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Honey Brown

Before I launch into ten things not on public record about me, here’s an overview of what can already be found floating around in cyberspace: I’m an author of five psychological thrillers and one soon-to-be-released book of erotic short stories. A spinal injury in 2000 confined me to a wheelchair. I’m a wife and mum, living in country Victoria.

  • Even though I write thrillers, I get terrified watching horror movies. I cover my eyes through the nasty bits. Wolf Creek still haunts me, as does my very first scary movie, When A Stranger Calls; that line “Have you checked the children?” will creep me out forever.
  • I’m passionate about animal welfare. The way animals are mistreated and disrespected by humankind weighs heavily on my mind. Caging, penning, tethering, farming, using animals for entertainment, all those things trouble me on a daily basis. I hope for a time when humankind thinks about an animal’s needs and natural behavior and takes into account their quality of life.
  • Chewbacca is my favourite Star Wars character.
  • In high school I recited Clancy Of The Overflow for Bob Hawke.
  • I barrack for Collingwood. Go The Pies.
  • I turned up drunk to a couple of year 11 classes at Launceston College. I dropped out soon after with a burning desire to get on with life.
  • I was a Girl Guide and Brownie. My mum was one of my Girl Guide leaders. I remember being really proud of getting my cooking badge. As an adult though, cooking is not my strong point.
  • I didn’t meet (or know about) my older brother until I was fifteen. He’s such a brilliant, beautiful fixture in my life now, and I’m so glad he reached out and found us.
  • When I write I sometimes find myself doing the hand gestures or facial expressions of the characters. I know it looks nutty whenever I do it, because my husband has told me so.
  • Before I was a published author, I wrote a deranged (and probably badly written; I haven’t looked at it for a while) hardcore erotic novel, and gave it to my friends and family to read. My friends and family must love me, because they still talk to me. But I fear that manuscript somehow getting out and people reading it and thinking I’m need of counselling.

4 thoughts on “Ten Things You Didnt’ Know About Honey Brown

  1. Oh, this is really interesting!! So glad you both shared this. I love that idea of making the gestures one’s characters make as one writes. I’ve actually caught myself doing that, too. It really does help you ‘feel’ your characters.

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