And I Know That You’ll Use Them However You Want To*

Margot makes some very astute points here

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

Prior Knowledge ReadersIn yesterday’s post, I mentioned that authors often tap their own experiences and prior knowledge as they create new stories. That’s only natural if, as the research suggests, knowledge comes from associating new things with what we already know. But what about readers? Readers come from a wide variety of different backgrounds and have a wide variety of experiences. So how does an author invite readers to tap their own life experiences to make meaning from what they’re reading, and thus connect with a book at a deeper level?

I think it’s important to start by saying that readers enjoy using their imaginations. Wise authors respect their readers, and give them credit for the ability to imagine things they may not have experienced. Just because a reader hasn’t, say, been to Canada’s Ellesmere Island doesn’t mean that he or she can’t fully enjoy M.J. McGrath’s Edie Kiglatuk novels, which…

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3 thoughts on “And I Know That You’ll Use Them However You Want To*

  1. And without losing that reader. I’ve sometimes been befuddled by descriptive prose in some of my reading. Perhaps it’s not about the bark of the tree, its waving surface of valleys and hills darkened by the wetness of the rain and the gray green of the tiny bits of moss growing deep in the folds but the guy with the pump shotgun about to step out from behind.

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