Post Script: The American – Nadia Dalbuono

 Cover The American

The American

Nadia Dalbuono


ISBN: 9781925106749



The second Leone Scarmacio thriller.


As autumn sets in, the queues outside the soup kitchens of Rome are lengthening and the people are taking to the piazzas, increasingly frustrated by the deepening economic crisis.


Detective Leone Scamarcio is called to an apparent suicide on the Ponte Sant Angelo, a stone’s throw from Vatican City. A man is hanging from the bridge, his expensive suit suggesting yet another businessman fallen on hard times. But Scamarcio is immediately troubled by similarities with the 1982 murder of Roberto Calvi, dubbed ‘God’s Banker’ because of his work for the Vatican Bank.


Scamarcio’s instincts are soon proved correct when a cardinal with links to the bank is killed. And when US Intelligence warn Scamarcio to drop his investigation, he knows that the stakes are far higher than he first realised.


Ignoring their threats, Scarmarcio pushes on, but his progress is being monitored by some of the world’s most powerful men, who will stop at nothing to make sure their dirty work stays under cover. In breathtaking developments that link 9/11, America’s dirty wars, Vatican corruption, the Mafia, and Italy’s violence against its own people, Scarmacio has to deal with responsibilities far above his pay grade.



My View:

A complex, intriguing and engaging tale of corruption, manipulation, politics and greed – the perfect book to make you think about the global village we live in.


What I love about this novel? Many things, including the complexity of the narrative – written with intelligence, the plot is so plausible, you can imagine something like this has actually happened/ is happening. The sub plot- regarding the Mafia and how a basically good man can be corrupted /exploited is interesting to observe. The characters – are empathetic and realistic – reasonable individuals placed in difficult situations and did I mention the settings – so visual, I could easily imagine myself sitting in a café in a little side street in a small town or city in Italy drinking my espresso, watching the world go by.


This great thriller will engage and intrigue, unfortunately we now have to wait till the next book is released to find out what happens next to Scarmarcio.



5 thoughts on “Post Script: The American – Nadia Dalbuono

  1. The first thing that got my attention, Carol, was the setting. The plot sounds like a terrific match for the setting and the characters, too. And it is disturbing to think about how far the reach of corruption is, and how it impacts all kinds of people – an interconnected web.

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