Beauty Is….

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or the painter right?



and the finished work ( is it finished? I am not 100% certain) 🙂



My Work in Progress

About twenty five years ago I started an arts course at what used to be known as TAFE  (Technical and Further Education). I was spurred to enrol after being involved in a community based learning centre – where I was learning how to make pottery  – by wheel and hand.  I wanted to learn more so I enrolled in the arts course – primarily to do more pottery but as part of the course I was require to complete other art units – I did enjoy some of the classes – especially the mixed media work, the print making, water colour etc   I enjoyed the parts of the course I completed.  The story is then put on hold for quite some time.


Then  last week a friend of mine who has recently started producing some amazing paintings (one she made for my office – of proteas , another she made for our sitting room –   a pink cow in a dot style – which has ow been entered in an art competition! ) wonderful work, any way I digress…my good friend suggested we have a painting day and drove 4 hours to our place and unloaded her car full of  blank canvases and painting  paraphernalia – what a great day I had.  (My good friend was very patient and enthusiastic) The flame has been reignited.  It is such good fun. I am grateful to have such a talented and passionate friend who is happy to share her creativity with me.

This is my work in progress.  🙂


My art WIP

Fringe World 2017: A Night at the Musicals review

Check out this fantastic talent – the writer 🙂  and the entertainers. If I was in Perth I  would be at this show, it sounds like fabulous entertainment !  What a great review  thanks The Perth project.


You’ll be hard pressed to find a more charismatic duo at Fringe than Le Gateau Chocolat and Jonny Woo. Fringe World favourite Le Gateau Chocolat (a Laurence Olivier award winning powerhouse of a pe…

Source: Fringe World 2017: A Night at the Musicals review