Inspired by…

I have been mulling over the themes of a very moving book I read last year, Ache by Eliza Henry-Jones.  This is the outcome. I am very happy with it 🙂


painting Australian Bush Fire

 Australian Bush Fire mixed media on canvas. (c) 2018


Cape Naturaliste Western Australia

What a wonderful afternoon! I have never seen so many whales on this coast line before. Amazing!


more whales

Everywhere we looked we saw whales!


And there was even one in  this bay, close to shore – but we were not quick enough to capture  it with the camera.

Castle Rock

My Work in Progress

About twenty five years ago I started an arts course at what used to be known as TAFE  (Technical and Further Education). I was spurred to enrol after being involved in a community based learning centre – where I was learning how to make pottery  – by wheel and hand.  I wanted to learn more so I enrolled in the arts course – primarily to do more pottery but as part of the course I was require to complete other art units – I did enjoy some of the classes – especially the mixed media work, the print making, water colour etc   I enjoyed the parts of the course I completed.  The story is then put on hold for quite some time.


Then  last week a friend of mine who has recently started producing some amazing paintings (one she made for my office – of proteas , another she made for our sitting room –   a pink cow in a dot style – which has ow been entered in an art competition! ) wonderful work, any way I digress…my good friend suggested we have a painting day and drove 4 hours to our place and unloaded her car full of  blank canvases and painting  paraphernalia – what a great day I had.  (My good friend was very patient and enthusiastic) The flame has been reignited.  It is such good fun. I am grateful to have such a talented and passionate friend who is happy to share her creativity with me.

This is my work in progress.  🙂


My art WIP