Interruption to Transmission

Some of you may have noticed I have been a little quiet of late – I have just had a brief stay in hospital – gall badder surgery.  All going well but taking it easy for a little while.


hospital band


Happy First Birthday Bodhi

We love, love, love our grandson. Happy birthday darling boy – looking forward to seeing you soon.

“Whatever you fear, come close my dear
You’re tucked in safe for always here
And I will never not be near
Because of our love umbrella”


This book says it all so perfectly.  Happy birthday beautiful boy.


Under the Love Umbrella

Under the Love Umbrella

Davina Bell and Allison Colpoys


ISBN:  9781925321265




“From this award-winning creative duo comes a stunning celebration of the joy and comfort that love can bring – wherever we roam in the big, wild world. ‘ Scribe Publications.

Science InThe Kitchen

In previous posts I have reviewed a couple of books on Gut Health- Gut  and Heal You Gut and provided a few Gut Friendly recipes for you to try.  This is what you will find in our kitchen/fridge and pantry these days (might need a bigger or extra fridge soon).  I am loving Kombucha Tea – but must make bigger quantities in future – it a great probiotic drink (recipe can be found in Heal Your Gut by Lee Holmes), my sour dough is well worth the effort of making, the fermented vegetables (husband makes these for us – and currently we are using red and green cabbages from the garden) is great with roasts or sausages, the olives are fermented, the fruit from our trees and taste great and the milk kefir I add to smoothies, husband drinks it by the glassful.

Kombucha Tea

Kombucha Tea – final product – Green tea and  black tea ferments



L-R Fermented veg – green and red cabbage, sour dough starter, olives, milk kefir


Sour Dough

Sour Dough


Kombucha starter

Kombucha starter

Getting Ready For A Garage Sale on Sunday

Is the concept of garage sales unique to Australia?  Sunday we are trying our luck at selling some unwanted ( but  mostly much loved items) – at the moment the items; books, cd’s dvd’s, clothes, dinner set… bike…camping style chairs…designer bags…are mostly in our hallway 🙂  The more I start to seriously think about the the more stuff I find 🙂  Once you start to part with treasures hoarded the easier it becomes ( plus I have done some online shopping and have new things to replace old/not so old in my cupboard – you know those impulse buys that you don’t like when you get home, the online shopping – clothes mostly – that don’t look/seem quite like what you thought or the size doesn’t work for you…)… the books you will never re read…the more I look the more I find.  looking forward to some space in my cupboards- replace, recycle, renew…


Today I had my first customer ( she is  working on Sunday so asked to come earlier). It was such a pleasant experience – I hope that is an indication of what is to come.