Post Script: There’s Not One – Jennifer Higgie

There's Not One

There’s Not One

Jennifer Higgie

Scribble Children’s/Picture Books

ISBN: 9781925321708



This joyous debut from Jennifer Higgie celebrates the details and diversity of the world around us. In kaleidoscopic colour, Higgie takes young readers on a journey from some of life’s most important things (baked beans!) to some of life’s biggest wonders (stars!). The perfect early picture book for the curious kid!


My View:

Colourful, modern, and full of unique and inspiring messages and quirky images.

“There’s not one way to get there.”

“You are the only you in the whole wide world and we’re ALL in it TOGETHER!”

A delightful read.



Post Script: This Is The Life – Alex Shearer

This is the life: “Not the one you had yesterday. Or the one that might not be here tomorrow. Just this one. Here and now.”

This is the Life

This is the Life

Alex Shearer

Harper Collins


ISBN: 9780007529711



Even when you have received a death sentence, you still have to live…


“Life just seems like a big party sometimes, at which we all gradually get edged to the door, and then we are out in the cold. But the party continues without us…”

This is the story of Louis, who never quite fitted in, and of his younger brother who always tagged along.

Two brothers on one final journey together, wading through the stuff that is thicker than water.

Tender-hearted, at times achingly funny, This is the Life is a moving testimony to both the resilience of the human spirit and to the price of strawberries.



My View:

This is the life: “Not the one you had yesterday. Or the one that might not be here tomorrow. Just this one. Here and now.”


Never a more relevant word was spoken – this is the life we have, right now, not tomorrow, or yesterday or…someday. Life is right now and we should be doing our best to live our life fully and be the best we can be. Don’t wait for a life sentence to wake up and see what is happening around you, participate…now.


This is a very quirky book written with great insight (some ideas I didn’t really appreciate until after I had finished the book and had time to let the observations settle and permeate my brain) others I silently nodded my head in a agreement as I read, or read out loud to my partner so he too could appreciate the nuances of this narrative. This book resonated with me, I discovered people I knew in this narrative, people who had the same quirks, the same opinions, the same diagnosis – life and for death surround us – but some chose to start dying prematurely, before the sentence has been revealed (and I want to shake them and say “wake up, don’t just exist… you are worth it, eat strawberries if you want to”).


Quirky. At times hilarious. Always poignant. Reflective. Inspiring.


Post Script: Ode to a Fish Sandwich – Rebecca M Hale

Ode to a Fish Sandwich

Quirky Tales from the Caribbean No. 1

Rebecca M. Hale

INscribe Digital

Green Vase Publishing

ISBN: 9780979634413




From NY Times best selling author Rebecca M. Hale, a novella about a diligent dermatologist traveling solo on his Caribbean honeymoon, a surly chef working the counter at a beachside diner, and, of course, a fish sandwich.

Recently jilted at the altar, Dr. Walcott Emerson Jones decides to set off on his honeymoon without his runaway bride. An adventurous week on a remote Caribbean island is just what the sun-averse dermatologist needs to mend his broken heart.

Along the way, he braves a creepy cane field, tracks a grief-stricken fisherman up the side of a volcano, and befriends a chef at the local beachside diner.

But the calculating cook has broader ambitions than spending the rest of her life serving up fish sandwiches, and the spurned diamond ring hanging from the doctor’s neck is a prize too tempting to resist. Will the vacationer’s last meal on the island turn into his last meal – ever?

A story about a man, a fish, and the daily special.

My View:

If you like quirky and the slightly bizarre then this novella is for you. Hale provides some very beautiful settings, the locations are picture book idyllic; romantic tropical island, beautiful luxury resort and  even more stunning local beaches and a fish shack on the water front that makes the most  incredible and delicious freshest fish sandwiches.

Add to this setting a dermatologist afraid of the sun that has just been dumped by his bride to be and a tuna in love with the doctor, and a cast of local desperate and murderous people and you have a very interesting and somewhat strange story this is unlike anything I have ever read.